VIP User Program


Q1. Why do you have the BOSTANTEN VIP User Program?

BOSTANTEN believes fashion can enhance your life and we strive to design our products from a consumer perspective with a commitment to constant improvement.

Our VIP member program is one of the main ways in which we engage with our users to learn how we can do better.

Q2. What benefits do BOSTANTEN VIP Users get ?

1) Free product samples to review (while supplies last)
2) Monthly exclusive discounts
3) Early access to new products and features

Q3. How do the free sample products and exclusive discounts work?

1) Once you apply, you are in the BOSTANTEN VIP User database. However, being in the database does not guarantee you will receive a product to test. We will email you if you are invited to participate in any testing program.
2) You will automatically receive exclusive discounts and promotions in your inbox every month.

Q4. What are BOSTANTEN Coins?

A: BOSTANTEN Coins are points rewarded for every dollar you spend and can be exchanged for vouchers and free gifts.

Q5. How do I earn BOSTANTEN Coins?

A: First 10 coins will automatically be in your account once you sign up! There are also many other awesome ways to earn coins as well:
1) Log into your account every day

2) Fill out your profile

3) Complete product reviews

Q6. How do I redeem BOSTANTEN Coins for vouchers and gifts?

A: Once you have logged into your online Super User account on BOSTANTEN (, you will be able to redeem vouchers and gifts from Product Exchange.

Q7 Who is eligible to become a reviewer?

You are residing in the US, Canada, EU and have an active account on Amazon. Our support team will get beack to you after application received.

Q8 What can I do to increase my likelihood of getting selected?

If you meet either eligibility requirements, you are already a good candidate to be chosen. However if you are an active user on a hardware forum, blogger, or youtuber, please let us know in the comments section as we may unlock additional products just for you!

Q9 What kinds of products are offered?

The products offered by the BOSTANTEN program are the final production models and not prototypes. Our reviewers will receive the full BOSTANTEN experience and will be given brand new units that include the complete packaging and accessories unless otherwise stated. Suggestions and feedback provided by our BOSTANTEN Reviewers will be strongly considered for future products.

Q10 What happens with my information?

You will only be contacted by BOSTANTEN associates to confirm shipment so please make sure your info is correct. Rest assured, your information is kept confidential, and you will not be entered into any mailing lists or solicited to any third parties.