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The right type of leather travel backpack can come in handy when you least expect it to! Years before, backpacks were only popular among students, while nowadays true business & workaholic women know how to utilize the right model. A leather backpack is a statement, as well as the right type of accessory that every woman will want to have in her closet.


Why Purchase Bostanten: Here, you can browse through and pick from 20+ different models and find the right one for your everyday, formal, job, or business-related journey! You can even use them when packing for a trip or when heading out for a quick gym session. All of these are genuine leather backpacks, available in black, nude, white, red, and brown shades.


What You Can Fit In It: The right genuine leather backpack can carry your laptop, wet wipes, books, umbrellas, or even spare clothing - making you prepared for any given situation, no matter the moment. Enjoy long weekend getaways with the right backpack, and be prepared to have everything in place, and in style!


You can easily pair the backpack with your outfit by dressing it up or dressing it down, based on your mood or headed event.


Clean the backpack thoroughly and annually and rock it with style!