About Bostanten

Our Story

Whether you go to school, have a full-time job, or work from home, carrying your belongings from one place to another is not only convenient - it’s necessary. However, finding the right carryall to store your essentials is often a challenge in itself.

As a college student, our founder quickly learned the importance of having a durable bag she could comfortably carry but had difficulty finding options that matched her personal style and budget. Instead, most featured the same uninspired designs that left much to be desired. Others came with exorbitant price tags only reserved for a select few.

Well into her professional career, with no stylish go-to bag that met her standards, she resolved to take matters into her own hands, aiming to prove that affordable everyday accessories can be used for more than just practical purposes. This marked the beginning of Bostanten.


About Us

Founded in 2008, Bostanten provides luxury leather bags that allow you to move throughout your day in style. Presenting one of the largest fashion catalogs, our pieces feature timeless appearances with modern, sophisticated touches that showcase your unique style without compromising comfort or convenience.

We frequently add items to our ever-growing collection, which features a wide range of designs, granting everyone the opportunity to find a bag that best suits their needs and preferences. From totes and wallets to backpacks and briefcases, we make it possible to fill your closet with carryalls that carry your style to new heights.


Superior Quality

Our extensive catalog doesn’t decline in quality. On the contrary, quality remains our top priority, and we take every measure to ensure we maintain optimal durability and timeless designs. For instance, our products are developed in small batches in our own factories, allowing us to closely monitor every step of the process. Doing so enables us to create heirloom-worthy pieces you can tout and treasure for years to come, making them staples in your wardrobe.


A Trusted Team

The Bostanten team is composed of industry experts who share a love of fashionable, functional accessories. As our brand grows, we remain dedicated to providing our customers with can’t-resist luxury bags that boast superior quality and appearance, allowing you to express yourself no matter the occasion.


Our Values:

Quality: Made of high-quality materials, including Italian cowhide leather, our pieces are designed to last, effortlessly meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Design: We strive to make a remarkable change in the fashion industry by providing a variety of chic, sophisticated designs that elevate your ensemble while remaining a practical option for everyday use.

Accessibility: We offer a vast collection of items and sell directly to our customers to eliminate additional costs and allow you to access long-lasting luxury pieces at the best value.

 Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong