Summer Sunburn Prevention Tips

Sunscreen is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward strategies to prevent millions of cancer cases each year. However, a ton of people (both men and women), forget to bring it with them everywhere they go. According to a recent study, only 14% of American men and 30% of American women apply sunscreen to exposed skin, including their faces, before spending more than an hour outside. Is this because they're lazy, or simply because they tend to forget to bring their sunscreen with them? What are some key things that you should know about sun protection? We have your answers!


Why you should protect your skin from the sun and UV rays?


Excessive UV (ultraviolet) light exposure causes the majority of skin cancers. The sun, tanning beds, and sunlamps all emit UV radiation, which is invisible to the human eye, yet very apparent to the skin. UV radiation can injure skin cells. UV rays can penetrate your skin and bounce off of materials like water, cement, sand, and snow. UV rays are usually at their strongest between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. regular time and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daylight saving time. If the UV index in your location is 3 or higher, protect your skin.


What are the must-have sunscreen products for going out?


  1. Bring your sunscreen with you


If you plan on going out it is essential that you bring your products with you. One of the most crucial ways to prevent sunburn is to wear sunscreen. Apply ample amounts of broad-spectrum sunscreen to all exposed skin areas. Go for something that has an SPF of at least 30. Reapply it every two hours, or more often if you're swimming or constantly sweating. You can go for your favorite brand and for something you like and love but also aim for sturdy and durable packaging since you don't want it to spill in your bag, as it may ruin your precious bag.


  1. Protect your lips


Because your lips are just as susceptible to UV damage as the rest of your skin, use SPF lip balm or chapstick on a regular basis. You should also reapply this item after swimming for hours. Each SPF lip balm brightens your pout while adding a hint of natural-looking color. These lip balms soothe and nourish lips with natural and hydrating oils, allowing you to look young, healthy, and full. After you apply your favorite lip protection product you can also apply your favorite lipstick or lip gloss on top, to give it more life and fullness, but also color.


  1. Don't forget your sunglasses


Sunlight reflected off of surfaces like sand, water, or even snow exposes you to more UV radiation and raises your risk of developing eye problems. Some sunglasses help protect the eyes. Always choose sunglasses that say "100% UV protection" or have a UV400 rating on the label when wearing sunglasses. Do not mistake UV protection for dark-colored sunglasses. The lens's lack of color does not indicate how well it will shield your eyes from UV rays. Green, amber, red, and other light-colored tinted eyeglasses can offer the same UV protection as very black lenses.


  1. The right type of clothing


To shield your face, head, ears, and neck from the sun, wear a hat with a wide brim. When spending time in the sun, it's critical to cover up as much flesh as possible in addition to using sunscreen. Wearing clothes that protect your arms, legs, and face, as well as a wide-brimmed hat, is required. Cover-up essentials include hats, sunglasses, scarves, towels, etc. Go for loose yet comfy clothing, and make sure that you avoid anything that is black. Black attracts heat and the sun, which is why you should opt for other colors and lightweight fabrics as well as materials. Don't sweat your body, yet allow it to breathe.


  1. Have the right bag with you


You will need a spacious bag and something convenient to carry your products around. This is why getting the perfect bag is essential. You should check out Bostanten and browse through these stylish options. Go for something big and sturdy, as well as stylish. All of these listed product essentials will easily fit into any of these bags. Anyone who loves chic ideas and wants to make an impression when at the pool or the beach will love their new bag. Prepare yourself for a relaxing day and have your key products with you while preventing sunburns!


So, are you ready to pack your essentials and look as radiant as ever?


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