How I Keep My Leather Bags in Tip-Top Shape

Do you love to shop and invest in your chosen bags? The truth is that the right type of leather bag can (and should) last a lifetime! A leather briefcase for women can be in top-notch condition, with proper guidelines & maintenance. Bags acquire character as they age thanks to the stunning patina that only genuine leather acquires, making them look even prettier than before, as well as more authentic.

With the proper maintenance, a leather purse can last a lifetime!

If you take the time to study the appropriate cleaning procedure and leather protection for your particular bag, leather is simple to keep. Here is all that you should know and tips that you should follow.


How I Keep My Leather Bags in Tip-Top Shape: Top 5 Tips On Leather Care For bags


1. Avoid the sunlight


The most straightforward piece of advice I can offer is to always keep your bags in a cool, dark location.

We don't want too much sunshine to cause the colors to deteriorate and become dull. In the meantime, if your purse is made of leather, the sun can quickly bleach it. You have probably seen this happen to you in the past, right?

Leather ages quickly and fractures when exposed to direct sunlight because it is a natural substance. You might see a difference in just a few months, and eventually, your bag might stop shining as bright as new.

When possible, bags should be kept in the shade.


2. Clean properly


The first order of business is to clean your leather bag thoroughly.

If you keep your leather clean, its pores can keep breathing even while it's packed away, prolonging its durability & top-notch state!

To begin, wipe the leather bag's exterior with a damp microfiber cloth.

Standard cleaning wipes can damage the leather on your bag, so we recommend using only leather-friendly wipes. The right bag leather cleaner will do wonders and no harm whatsoever!

You can also use a leather cleaner designed specifically for the material for a deeper cleaning (cream or gel). Most stubborn dirt stains can be easily scrubbed away with a gentle brush or a lint-free cloth.

Take care when brushing and cleaning your leather bag; too much pressure could cause damage.


3. Empty out +  store with care


You should always empty out your bag and get rid of anything that is in there. This mostly applies to lipsticks & makeup that we, women, tend to forget in there. Also, if you have a purse that you love and enjoy, keep it in the box it came in. Line up your bags on a shelf in the closet if you don't have a baggage rack. The bag should not have the handles pressed down if the shelf is too short; instead, it should lie level on the ground.

The ideal choice is to keep your handbags flat.

You can easily locate your favorite bag and keep track of your collection by labeling the box or dustbag with the name of the bag.


4. Address damage if it happens


Even if you take all necessary precautions, your leather purse could be damaged in an accident.

If this happens, you should get help from a leather repair expert right away.

Little tears can be fixed, color may be restored, and hardware can be reattached, giving your bag new a whole new life.

Maintaining your leather purse on a regular basis and fixing any damage as soon as possible will extend its life and keep it looking fantastic for years to come.


5. Fix stains


A fantastic way to get to know your luggage and see the tiny changes it undergoes over time is to clean it.

Little traces of aging and wear are typical and really contribute to an item's originality.

There is nothing like the look of worn-in leather with personality.

Unexpected things do, however, happen.

See if you can remove ink stains by applying some rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits.

Oil and grease stains can be removed with high absorption rate powders like corn starch and baking soda. The best way to repair surface cracks in leather depends on their depth.

A nice leather cream conditioner should work unless the purse is too worn down.

Your best option may be to take it to a leather repair shop if the scratch is deep.


Additional tips for leather briefcases: how to care for a leather bag


If you are a busy workaholic woman who always travels in style and with her briefcase, it is vital to act and think in advance. The truth is that leather briefcases are a lot bigger, boxier & heavier, meaning that you have to invest more care into their maintenance. One pro tip? Did you know that bubble wrap or foam sheet paper can fill the briefcase while in storage to prevent it from getting misshapen?! Aside from that, consider the following tip & tricks:


A) The shape of it


Protect and maintain the shape of your handbag in order to keep it in excellent condition. You may have noticed that your bags appear slightly crushed if they've been stored in your closet for several months; this is something we should all want to avoid, and fortunately, it's a simple problem to solve.

What is the response?

While your bags are not in use, fill them with things.

By filling your bag to the brim with soft-material things such as shirts, socks, and scarves, you will help it maintain its shape and prevent soft items from wilting or collapsing.

This is the solution; nothing appears more luxurious than a purse that is well-shaped and devoid of wrinkles.


B) Avoid folding it


Folding your bag is the worst thing you can do to your leather.

Carry your bags upright, without squeezing the handles or the bags themselves.

Leather bags should not be stacked, so please give them plenty of room to breathe. This will prevent it from creasing or wrinkling while in storage, preserving its good appearance for as long as possible.

Always keep in mind that this guideline pertains to sling bags, purses, backpacks, and pouches made of leather.


PS: Also, if you are a busy workaholic woman, you have to think twice about your items & necessities. In case you travel often and you always bring your laptop with you, heads up as it can weigh your bag down and switch its shape. We suggest using a slim or lightweight laptop and other essentials to reduce the overall weight of the briefcase.


If you are ready to shop for your perfect workaholic bag and if you want a leather briefcase, check out Bostanten. Bostanten bags carry your life in style and will accompany you for years. Check them out and see for yourself.

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