Top 3 bags that will make the perfect Christmas present

Bags are a woman's best friend, along with a pair of comfy high heels. You can't go to an event without throwing on your favorite essentials. This is why this Christmas, you should consider getting yourself (or surprising someone you love) a leather purse! Complete your outfit and look chic and elegant with the right size, color & style of bag. Finally, allow 2022 to be the year that you spoil yourself and get that leather micro-bag that's been on your wish list for months. If you want to know why leather is so popular at the moment, and you want to browse through your options, keep on reading!


Top 5 reasons why you're going to love a leather handbag as a Christmas present


1. For him & for her


Because it embodies both sophistication and casual style, leather is a fabric that is appealing to all people. You can rock a leather bag even if you are a guy or a girl.

Everyone is able to use a messenger bag, backpack, suitcase, or chic wallet due to the universality of the designs. There isn't either an age limit to it. Just go for a color that you enjoy and love to rock and show off your chosen bag with confidence.


2. Stands the test of time


The long-lasting nature of a leather bag is in its durable and thick fabrics & sustainable manufacturing practices, and rigorous attention to detail. Did you know that once you invest in your favorite model you're going to have it with you for years to come?! Because of this, the leather Christmas presents you give your loved ones will likely endure a lifetime and be passed down through the generations. This means that it also becomes a sentimental piece at one point.


3. For every age group


Every age group will love leather accessories.

A good leather purse is worth its weight, and its good looks justify the style, and sometimes its price point. You can give your mom a purse, your grandma, your aunt, or your cousin! On the other end and when it comes to gifting guys, all of your family members are going to love a leather backpack. Just go for a style that you fancy and love, and customize it with the right color for your closest ones.


4. Fits every lifestyle + it is timeless


Whether you're a traveler, student, fashionista, environmentalist, working mom, creative artist, or businessperson, the right kind will always come in handy. You can surprise every person in your life with the right model.

A traditional leather bag is a great Christmas present.

Leather purses with a minimal design are wise investments + a simpler design is so clean, elegant & timeless.


5. Spaciousness


The best gifts are ones that are both attractive and useful, as well as practical for day-to-day wear.

Your chosen bag should look fantastic with every outfit while fusing minimalism and utility. Pack all of your essentials in it and be ready to hit the road!

Go for bags that stand out thanks to their various sizes, secret compartments, and unique features!


Top 3 bags that will make the perfect Christmas present


1. The right shoulder bag



Shoulder bags and daily totes are the most functional options.

The fact that every label offers slightly different options makes it difficult to limit oneself to just one brand.

Because, let's be honest, we all carry around what amounts to a mini-supermarket, they're roomy enough to fit everything you need. This is why a shoulder bag is a must-do in your case, no matter your age or even preferred shade. Luckily, at Bostanten, you can browse through a ton of different options. Go for black, nude, white, or brown shades and rock these beauties on a daily, as they're perfect for relaxed casual wear.


2. Hobo bag



Hobo bags are narrower shoulder bags. As a result of its crescent design, this purse may be worn with both business attire and jeans. If you're tired of carrying the same old shoulder bags and totes everywhere, the Hobo is a great option + it gives out that retro element, which is what a lot of people love. A hobo bag (especially a colorful hobo bag), can make an amazing statement! Add a pop of blue, yellow, or red to your outfit with some of these beauties by Bostanten. Women who love to wear bright red lipsticks, especially around Christmas, will enjoy most of these items. Show off your stylish side with this design.


3. Backpack



Lastly, one more bag that has had to make its way to our list is a backpack bag. You can go for a laptop backpack or a backpack purse, depending on your preferred design & style. Most women would prefer a backpack bag as their Christmas present. It is super durable & spacious + it can come in handy especially if you have kids as it can hold all of your necessities. The right backpack purse for you can come in black, white, nude, or brown shades at Bostanten. Combine both looks and practicality by getting a cool backpack for yourself or someone you love this season.


Time To Wrap Some Gifts!


Are you excited about some of these bags? If so, which one is your top pick? Let us know, we can't wait to see you rocking something cool and modern from this list, or try and spoil someone you love. You can't go wrong either way!

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