The 5 Best Weekender Bags of 2023

How often do you travel, or how often do you fly? Are you the type of a weekender or a carry-on luggage bag? The ideal carry-on, in my opinion, strikes a balance between sturdy construction, convenient storage, and ample packing capacity. Are you looking for a cool and extra large weekender bag? How about a gorgeous designer duffle bag? If so, you've come to the right place! The truth is that you need a weekend bag that can carry all of your essentials, not just look good slung over your shoulder or slung over the suitcase handle (although, this is another super important factor in your decision). You need a bag that can handle anything so that packing and traveling are actually fun experiences. Here are some durable models that we recommend.

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What is a weekender bag?


The weekender bag (or weekend luggage), is a kind of duffle bag that is perfect for quick, two- or three-day trips. It is often worn by women who are off on a quick trip with the girls, family, or for business reasons. For some, it can also act as a multipurpose travel accessory. Two grab handles and an adjustable shoulder strap are standard components of weekender bags.

When functionality is the top priority, material matters. This is why aiming for nylon or polyester should be your go-to. If you want some cool girl overnight bags, keep on reading!

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Who needs a weekend bag?


If you like to travel lightly but still have all of your essentials with you, a weekend bag could replace your usual suitcase. In fact, womens leather weekend travel bag can be an essential for most of you!

When packing for a short trip, a weekend bag is ideal because it offers more space than a backpack but less than a suitcase.

This waxed canvas weekend bag is typical of the type of bag you can take on an airplane with you for a quick getaway.

A weekender might be a small, cozy home or it can be a spacious, luxurious retreat.

The ability to bring on board a carry-on bag may be revoked if the passenger is deemed to be excessively large.

But for a quick road trip over the weekend?

This spacious weekend purse is just right. You get more storage space, which is just what you need for those supplementary essentials, and more than makes up for any reduction in carry-on allowance.


The 5 Best Weekender Bags of 2023


1. Bostanten 


Bostanten does some great models that can be hard to resist. For instance, this fashionable beige & nude duffle bag can store all of your items and necessities with ease. This weekender bag is made by professional craftsmen with high-quality water-resistant PU leather, soft khaki fabric lining, and vintage bronze hardware. Well-knit stitch make it bear heavier weight stuff without tearing. You can go for several different sizes & models of this bag and brand. There is free and fast shipping, along with great discounts to enjoy. You're also going to store all of your necessities with ease. Why and how so? For instance, the shoe compartment size is 18.9" * 9.25" * 3.35", which can hold your shoes or dirty clothes. If you want an extra large weekender bag - this is for you!

  1. DIOR Brown Other Dior Travel Bag


If you enjoy bigger bags and you want something fancy that you can afford, why not splurge out with Dior? This giant brown bag measures 40*20*18cm and is made in France. If you make a purchase directly from this site your order will be shipped with DHL Express, which means that you can quickly get your hands on this beauty. It has several compartments that you can enjoy. In its durable leather build, you can freely and safely put your electronics or your gym wear. Considering it is Dior, this bag is not too pricey when compared to most of their items. If you want something that you can rock even in your 40s due to its timeless style - this is it.


  1. Gucci Savoy maxi bowling bag


How often do you want to splurge and go all the way out? For instance, the Gucci Savoy line evolves as part of Cruise 2023 Gucci Cosmogonie, and is their newer model that everyone loves. It has a ton of cool features, such as cotton linen lining, a side zip pocket, 2 zip pockets, and protective metal feet. This beauty is made in Italy and only weighs 8 pounds. This maxi duffle bag features a double top handle and detachable shoulder strap. The classic nude/brown elements with pops of red and green will forever be in style. Although quite pricey (since it is a high-end bag), this beauty is a staple that most women will want in their wardrobes.


  1. CHANEL Black Leather Chanel Travel Bag


You can make your weekend bag a tad bit more classy, chic & sexy! If you are a workaholic woman or a busy mom who loves to make a loud statement just know that you can easily do it with this bag. Chanel is quite pricey normally, which is why you might enjoy this price tag and the fact that the bag is pre-owned. Heads up since it may have minor scratches, but it is still of top quality. Its measurements are: Width:43.5; Height:24.5; Depth:19; Shoulder Strap:49. Full & sexy leather, this bag will come in handy for younger women who want something trendy everywhere they go. Enjoy its golden zipper and spacious inside compartments for convenient storing.


  1. Odyssee Terre Duffle bag


Lastly, how boujee do you want to go? Are you a fan of high-quality and high-end items? This bag by Hermes is available in three gorgeous shades. If you enjoy truffle bags and you want something fancy for your next journey - try this out. This is a leather bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, 1 exterior back zipped pocket, 2 saddle studs, and 1 "Hermès Paris" hot-stamped label. It is made out of 50% recycled organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester. Enjoy its two-tone color combo and a side zipper with all the little practical compartments. It measures 7.9" long x 17.7" high x 7.9" deep. If you can afford a high-end $4,000 bag - who are we to stop you from rocking it?


In conclusion: shop


Time to shop and rock your new bag! Which one model is it going to be out of the bunch? Our favorite is Bostanten since it is an extra large weekender bag which is quite affordable! Just let us know what you end up picking for yourself, we can't wait to see you with something new.

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