How to Pack a Duffle Bag

Are you wondering how to pack a duffel bag? If so, you've come to the right place. Carrying around a ton of carry-on bags might be a real drag on your energy levels. Wondering is a duffle bag a carry on? Actually, no! A carry on duffel bag size is different when compared to carry-ons. It is quite big and heavy, yet practical for storing and travelling. After thousands of miles on the road, one gets experienced and aware of what to pack, and what not (and a duffle bag should be on your must-have list). If you follow a careful and methodical packing procedure, you won't have to worry about making a last-minute trip to the drugstore when on your vacation, or at the airport.

So, if you want to know how to pack a duffel bag, keep reading!


How to Pack a Duffle Bag: Top 7 Key Steps To Follow


1. Roll your clothes


The items you won't use right away should go in the bottom of your duffel bag (this applies especially to your clothes).

To avoid having to dig into the bag each time you need to access something, place your most often-used items next to the bag's zipper. Rolling your clothes helps them fit much more compactly in a duffel bag. Roll your clothing into cylinders and arrange it in a straight line to optimize space. Your undergarments, shirts, and jeans should be folded in half lengthwise and rolled up tightly to form cylinders.

Use rubber bands to hold everything in place while rolling gently to prevent creases.


2. Separate toiletries


So, how to pack a leather duffel bag for vacation? Whether you plan on taking everything you need or just a few items to supplement the basic facilities at your hotel, remember to pack everything in containers no bigger than 3.4 ounces. A reusable container is recommended for these items, especially if you are quite forgetful when you're on the go.

Then, pack all of your toiletries into a single, clear bag no larger than a quart in size and set it on top of your other luggage before passing through airport security. This will make them easily accessible in the event that you need to remove an item for TSA screening or retrieve an item mid-journey.


3. Pack heavy items first


Your duffel bag should be transported and stored with the zipper facing up. For this reason, it's crucial to place heavier goods at the bottom of the bag. You shouldn't put anything fragile or light in the bottom of the duffel.

Simple procedures for getting your duffel bag ready for a flight or a trip of any sort are as follows:


Fill the bottom of your bag with flat, unbreakable items like sneakers or shoes and books

Place your rolled-up clothing on top of your shoes (excluding the jacket)

Roll your clothing up and tuck the sides of your jacket over them

Placing hefty items at the bottom will help your duffel bag stay put on the ground


4. Separate your gadgets


How to pack a duffel bag? Be real & honest with yourself. How often do you carry your gadgets with you? Let's be honest, all of us have to bring our phone, charger, laptop & earrings - no matter how long or short the trip may be.

Then, if you're carrying a laptop, tablet, or Kindle, place it in a designated outer pocket that was specifically designed for electronics. Then, set your power adapters next to it and your laptop or other large items inside. Put the device inside a protective sleeve and then into the main compartment above your clothing if it does not have an exterior pocket.


5. Pack smartly


To remember what you have and don't have, make a packing list and tick things off as you pack them is a good move to make.

Create separate lists for several categories of stuff, such as clothing, electronics, food, toiletries, documents, and equipment. Consider the season, how long the trip will be, and the range of activities you have planned to prepare yourself for this journey.

Prepare ahead to be prepared for anything that may arise, but don't overpack.


PS: For instance, when visiting a bigger city or town, keep in mind that you may probably find anything you forgot to pack somewhere nearby. Only the absolute necessities should be packed inside your bag if you're heading out into the wilderness or to another distant area.


6. Consider the materials


The durability of a duffel bag is determined by factors such as the type of zipper used, the number of reinforcement straps included, and the quality of the materials used. Not all bags are made the same way and with the same fabrics.

Laminates of ballistic nylon and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) fabric are used to create rugged duffels.

While some are built from water-resistant polyurethane materials, they are not as tough as those produced from ballistic nylon.




Whether you plan on traveling through rough terrain or for an extended amount of time, a lightweight bag that you can easily carry is essential.




Bags range in size from tiny to enormous and are typically categorized by their capacity. A small duffel bag might have a capacity of 40 liters (L), whereas a large duffel bag might have 130 L of space.

To accommodate a four- or five-day trip, a 70-liter (L) medium duffel is recommended, while tiny, 40-liter (L) bags are optimal for carrying on flights.


7. Don't overpack


If you're going to be carrying your duffel bag on your shoulder, it's advisable not to stuff it to the gills. Your body might get tired way too quickly.

As the load shifts from one side to the other, it becomes increasingly difficult to travel long distances with it slung over one shoulder. What you can also do is plan to do laundry while traveling so that you can get several uses out of the clothes you bring. The bag should zip up without requiring undue effort.


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