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A leather briefcase for women is a greater mystery than a tote bag. How often does your briefcase look like a total mess? Usually, we tend to organize and re-arrange ours every Sunday to have a fresh new start on Monday, and by mid-week, they're looking flipped out and twisted. How many times have you struggled to find your wallet or chewing gum in there? It happens to all of us mostly due to the improper structure of the bag combined with our busy lives.
Designers should also understand that women need a work bag with pockets, pouches, and organization handles to make it through their 9 to 5 stress-free. If you want to know how you can organize a bag and if you're looking for some tips and tricks keep on reading and find your answers below.

leather briefcase for women 

What Should You Have In Your Briefcase Bag?


Not knowing what to bring is the biggest concern for most women. Usually, we don't think our day through and we don't plan our steps ahead, which is why we tend to forget a lot of necessities. The truth is that your job and occupation will dictate what you need to have with you at all times. Here are just some items and examples that you should consider bringing:

  • Work files or work papers
  • A pair of glasses
  • Phone charger
  • Earphones
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Sticky notes
  • Chewing gum
  • Pack of tissues
  • Your business cards
  • Umbrella
  • Makeup


What Not To Have In Your Briefcase Bag?


After covering the basics and listing out the essentials that you do need, it is also important to outline the things that you should skip. We, women, tend to stuff our briefcases fully just because there is some extra space, but the truth is that we automatically add weight and strain our back posture. In most cases, you will not be needing:

  • A water bottle (it is way easier to purchase one instead of carrying the bottle 24/7)
  • Candy bars
  • A book that you've been trying to read the last couple of weeks
  • Dry shampoo or perfume (they are just too heavy to carry around)
  • Hairbrush and jewelry


Pro tip: if you plan on bringing any beauty or makeup items we highly recommend that you consider mini-sized or sample bottles. They will still get the job done while being super practical, lightweight, and easy to carry around.


How To Organize Briefcase Bag In 4 Steps


1. Time for a purge


Dump the content of your ladies briefcase onto a flat surface. Get everything out and throw away what you don't need. You will probably wonder and have the following concerns:

  1. A) Why is there so much trash
  2. B) Does this item belong to someone else
  3. C) Why do I have so many lipsticks


Once you fully clean out your bag and get rid of the trash you should also wipe your briefcase inside and out, just to fully prepare it for your new items and way of storing. Use wet wipes and anti-bacterial spray to get it looking fresh and new.


2. Sort it out


Now that you have eliminated all the clutter, you can get to the good (fun) part. Simply concentrate on the essentials and start putting your bits and bobs where they belong. You should:

Place your laptop, charger, and other gadgets in the sturdiest part of your bag, the one with a thick compartment

Your company's business cards should be close to you and easy to get to, such as in a small outer zip pocket

Think twice if you want to carry your purse, wallet, cell phone, and keys in your briefcase or in a small clutch bag separately

Put your makeup in a clear see-through mini makeup bag so that all of it is in one place + so that you can easily get to it when needed


3. Store everything in your briefcase bag


Always make sure to check if the bag's capacity is sufficient for your needs. Do you feel overwhelmed by its size, or do you need something a bit smaller? You can go for different kinds, such as backpack style, slinging it over one or two shoulders, and the businesswoman mode, depending on the kind that you're working with. Ask yourself whether or not the bag's style conveys your professional demeanor, and does it go with your overall style and profession. You can always switch up your bags and change them depending on your mood, but be prepared and make sure that you have enough time for sorting them before you head out. It will take you 5-10 minutes to switch up your bags and sort out the content.


4. Maintain it


Getting your briefcase in order is the easy part; keeping it looking good is another story. This is why you should come up with a routine of sorting things out and cleaning them at least once a week. Women naturally tend to hoard quite a lot of stuff, making the process even more difficult for them.

A quick tip: you can de-clutter and organize your briefcase during your lunch breaks. It will give you that fresh feel and a boost of endorphins.


Top 3 Tips How A Woman Briefcase Bag Should Look Like


1. Know What Is Top Priority


Your top priority can be different when compared to your colleagues' briefcases, which is normal. She might be into makeup and having three different kinds of highlighters while you may be obsessed with pen highlighters (and both options are fine). The truth is that your well-organized briefcase can reflect your dedication to efficiency both in and out of the office. Do you love to cook meals at home and bring them to the office in your briefcase, or do you usually order in? Do you often have headaches and are in need of aspirin that you tend to keep in your briefcase? Answer some of these questions before you begin packing.


2. Make Use of Separated Areas


To facilitate the process of organization, pick a briefcase with multiple pockets and compartments so that you may assign specific areas to specific groups of items. This means that you probably won't put your gum, paperwork, and pencils in the same pouch and that you will fully utilize the use of zipped pockets. Your laptop should always be in the padded laptop area, and anything small and necessary should be in the external front pocket. In the long run, it is way better to invest in a pricier briefcase that has several different storage compartments since it is practical and it will last you longer.

PS: Avoid scratching your electronics by placing them in a pocket that also contains keys or pens. Smart organization & storage is already half of your work done.


3. Get A Color And Model You Love


We can give you all of these tips and tricks and try to help you get organized, but if you're not liking your bag chances are that you will dislike the packing & maintenance of it. This is why, sometimes, looks do matter, and why you should find a model that truly represents your character and your way of dressing. You can look for your women briefcase bag both online and in-store, depending on your free time and availability. Take the following things into consideration when shopping for it:

  • The weight of it
  • The size of it
  • Price
  • Color and style
  • Handle type, size & pouches


Women Briefcase Bag Debunked


And there you have it, ladies! These are just some of the most essential tips that will help you stay organized. If you're ready to have it all and you want that perfect bag that can suit your everyday moments and your 9-5 hours, Bostanten has it all in store! On our site you can find a gorgeous messenger bag that comes in different colors, as well as a lot of cool styles. All of these bags will suit picky women, and true businesswomen. There are also some pieces for guys, along with a ton of promotions and discount options. In the end just remember to take your time when packing and show off your bag among your colleagues, they're going to envy you for preppiness and they will also ask you for some helpful tips.


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